Ing. Harmut Claussen Steuer
Shotcrete as Permanent Tunnel Support

Dr. Nick Barton
Introduction to the Q-system of rock mass characterization

Michael Neumann, P. Eng.
Mine Design Technologies, geotechnical instrumentation

Peter Lausch, M.Sc., P.Eng.
Mine Design Technologies, geotechnical instrumentation

Ing. Raúl Bracamontes
Design and Layer Thickness of Shotcrete

Ing. Denis Champaigne
Support in Mining Works using Bolt Resins

Ing. Roberto Uribe Afif
Petrography and its applications in engineering

Ing. Lucas Dey
Industrial Safety (Real Safety)

Dr. Ernesto Villaescusa
Development and Stabilization of Mining Tunnels at great depth

Ing. José María Castillo
Electronic initiators in the Development of Works

Ing. Claudio Parada
Underground Excavation Support with synthetic Macrofibres in Shotcrete

M.C. Jovan Martínez Romo
Detail engineering in Underground Exploitation Processes

Ing. Fabian Erismann
Efficient paste backfill design and dynamic rock support